Lucky Bastard:



Ever wanted to sleep with a real Porn Star? A lucky young guy named Dave (Jay Paulson) wins a contest to have sex with a famous porn star who goes by Ashley Saint (Betsy Rue). But when the shy and awkward Dave arrives on the Lucky Bastard set, things do not go as planned and a day of fantasy turns into a nightmare. Reality TV-style cameras spread throughout the house capture the action to reveal the terrifying truth.


“Lucky Bastard” is a found footage that’s edited by one of the Hellraiser guys and sports the Jim Wynorski stamp of approval. That being said, it’s not porn. I know that a lot of horror fans got real antsy about the amount of nudity in this one, but I have to say that it’s all handled in a respectful manner. It’s just that there are times where the setups of Lucky Bastards got creepy. That being said, the amount of authenticity in how nude models and their ilk are treated rings a little too true.

There’s something especially icky when you mix sex with horror. Sure, you can be tasteful about it, but there’s a thin line. I would be lying if I didn’t acknowledge the fact that Lucky Bastard tips a toe over that line with great frequency. But, the final effort is a sincere look at how horror and sex can take on different guises when filtered through the camera lens. This is going to be a film that I observe and watch a lot over the next year. Truly fascinating.

The DVD comes with director’s commentary, trailers and promotional material as the special features. The A/V Quality is really strong for an NC-17 movie in standard definition. The Dolby 5.1 track kicks it up where needed. Plus, the transfer isn’t dull. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to the curious.

RELEASE DATE: 07/01/2014

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