Lords of Chaos

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Lords of Chaos is the latest Jonas Akerlund movie. Between his music videos and Spun, I became a Jonas Akerlund fan. Teaming him up with black metal and this film became a must-see for me. What helps is that it’s an adaptation of the book from 1998 about the real founding of Norwegian Black Metal.

So, if you have a hard time seeing people getting stabbed or churches burning to the ground, this might not be the film for you. I hope you stick with it, as Rory Culkin delivers an insane performance as the founder of black metal Euronymous. The film died a quick death on the arthouse circuit and that irks me.

Akerlund is way too talented of a visual director and the right script is going to blow up his movies to the next level. Check this one out and get in on the ground level of some killer material.

Lords of Chaos is now available!

Lords of Chaos


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