“Rabbits Run” is the latest original Looney Tunes DTV adventure. This time, the gang is fighting with the military over a rare flower. This leads to a Stanley Kramer style chase, that stops when Lola Bunny accidentally makes a perfume out of the flower. We get all sorts of sight gags, plenty of cameos and good kiddie fun as everyone tries to stay a step ahead of the others.

What caught me by surprise was that Fred Armisen is voicing Speedy Gonzalez now. When did that happen? Also, it took a second viewing for me to realize that Lola’s perfume turns people invisible. I love the “anything goes” style that the film takes, but it felt far more earned in the older short. But, I guess I’m just being old.

The DVD comes with five bonus cartoons as the special features. The A/V Quality is expected for standard definition. The transfer will be good enough for your kids. However, I found that the Dolby 5.1 track sounded like an overinflated 2.0 Stereo Mix. Almost everything sounded like it was meant for the front channels. The point is nil, as your kids just want to watch the funny bunny smack around his friends. It’s worth a purchase for the curious parents out there.

Release Date: 8/4/15

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