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“Brave Enough” works, but with limitations. While it’s intriguing to see YouTube Red debut documentaries of this caliber, it also brings up the low bar being established for the online platform. The documentary produced by Magical Elves isn’t anything revolutionary. However, viewers will enjoy spending time with Stirling’s triumphs and lows during the period surrounding her third album. Is Lindsey Stirling Brave Enough? Well…yeah.

Given the short nature of the documentary and how clean-cut things remain, I’d almost wonder if this jaunt wasn’t meant for basic cable. It’s informative piece that gives the right amount of live performance vs. personal insight. At times, it feels like the nerdy girl heartful take on “Popstar”. There are odd points throughout the documentary were personal favorites are selected off the new album and never quite explained. Add onto that, the introduction of guest vocalists who barely get a name card or introduction.

The focus of the documentary remains Lindsey Stirling and she invites the audience deep into her world. The only catch is that “Brave Enough” assumes that you’ve been on the Stirling train since the America’s Got Talent days. Casual fans might hit a few rough patches, but it’s nothing that observant viewing can’t help. Stream it, if you’re a fan.


  • 1 hr and 19 mins
  • Not Rated
  • Premieres exclusively on YouTube Red


  • 90%
    Film Score - 90%

The Plot Thus Far

Directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmakers Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz (Justin Bieber “Never Say Never” and Katy Perry’s “Part Of Me”), the film follows YouTube star and electronic violinist Lindsey Stirling as she embarks on a worldwide tour for her third studio album “Brave Enough.” LINDSEY STIRLING: BRAVE ENOUGH will debut on YouTube Red on May 17, 2017.

With riveting performances, in-depth interviews and never-before-seen personal footage, fans will get a rare look at pivotal moments that have shaped Stirling’s career. The film weaves together stories of tragedy and triumph to reveal the emotional journey of a talented woman determined to succeed despite the odds. The documentary also follows Stirling’s journey to stardom and the evolution of her sound, as she blends electronic music with pop, country, rap, alternative and rock to develop the unique sound she has become known for today.

Lindsey Stirling has found great success on YouTube, with over 9.2 million subscribers and over 1.7 billion video views. Since the release of her 2012 self-titled debut, the electronic music impresario, classically trained violinist, dancer, and artist has become one of the 21st century’s most innovative music stars by clinging to her groundbreaking vision of cinematic violin-driven electronic music.

“Lindsey is a remarkable talent who stayed true to her vision and found her audience on YouTube,” said Susanne Daniels, Global Head of Original Content, YouTube. “This documentary celebrates her unique sound and showcases the creative forces behind her music. She faces life’s challenges with an optimistic spirit that her fans love – and one that is truly inspiring. ”

“Life is not one journey to a destination. It’s a constant battle to stay optimistic even if you’ve been hurt multiple times,” said Lindsey Stirling. “The scars can either make you hard or make you strong – and we all have that choice. It’s a climb, but you can rise past your trials and be brave.”


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