“Leonard Part 6” was one of those films I watched a ton as a kid. My mom thought Bill Cosby was a safe entertainer, so I’ve seen “Ghost Dad” and “Leonard Part 6” more than any human should have bothered. As a result, I can now watch with adult curiosity as to why this film was made. Columbia got the movie released during the height of Cosby’s power, but the film plays like a bizarre recut joke on the James Bond movies. The FX are cool and play to kids.

It’s just that everything about the film feels like rough material shot for other movies. Do you remember how they made the Radioactive Man movie when Milhouse split? It feels like that, but Mickey Rooney doesn’t show up to save the day. Looking back, I believe this movie might have started my life-long distrust of Vegans. What hath Cosby wrought?


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The Plot Thus Far

The inimitable Bill Cosby is on a madcap mission to save his marriage, his daughter’s reputation and the world in the imaginative misadventure LEONARD PART 6. Leonard Parker (Cosby), a former secret agent turned bon vivant restaurateur, is enlisted to stop the evil Medusa Johnson (Gloria Foster) from destroying the world with her vast army of killer frogs, lobsters and horses. It’s a tough assignment for the topnotch agent – but his troubles don’t end there. Parker’s trying to win back his ex-wife – who dumped him seven years ago. And his daughter’s about to marry a man who’s old enough to be her grandfather! But have no fear. Whether it’s an international crisis or a domestic dilemma, it’s all in a day’s work for Leonard in this wild and wacky comedy.

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