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Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fifth Season

Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fifth Season continues its streak as DC’s most consistent TV show. Featuring year long quests, each season allows characters to grow alongside a singular goal. Slightly retreading the season Flashpoint impacted, the Legends are now fighting to save The Loom of Fate. As the villains tear at the Loom, the Legends’ lives come apart as reality shifts around them.

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While the cast keeps shifting wildly over the years, I still enjoy the core. The idea of the heroes becoming celebs is rarely done well. In fact, The Boys has proven that it only works when you show them as being inhuman monsters. Even that can only go so far. Plus, I won’t accept Steel as a bad guy…ever.

Legends of Tomorrow can’t even fully commit to this premise in Season 5, as they start the season by ending the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. From there, it’s a quick climb back into the status change at the end of Season 4. That shift never gets answered as I wanted to see this year, but it feels strong enough to end the show on for Season 6.

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The Blu-ray continues WB/DC’s streak of keeping the Crisis Season vibes going throughout the year. The special features range from featurettes to unaired scenes and a gag reel. It’s pretty typical for a CW show coming to Blu-ray. But, it’s what people expect at this point. If you’re a fan, you’re going to go ahead and buy Legends of Tomorrow Season 5.

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Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fifth Season hits Blu-ray on September 22nd.

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Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fifth Season

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow follows a group of misfit heroes as they fight, talk, and sing their way through protecting the timeline from aberrations, anomalies, and anything else that threatens to mess
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