Give the Gift of Learning this Holiday Season with 2 DVDs & Bonus Scout Plush!

Gift set includes-

Numberland- Join Scout and his friends for exciting learning adventures from the world of LeapFrog. When the pets long to learn about numbers, their magical car, Axle, whisks them away to Numberland. With the help of a new friend, Max, the pets meet all the numbers in the land and master early numeracy skills. Then it s time to help the residents of Numberland plan a surprise birthday party for Max. It all adds up to plenty of fun and adventure as you sing and count your way through Numberland with Scout & Friends!

Phonics Farm- Join Scout and his friends as they learn letter sounds with the help of some amazing animals! Scout, Violet, Eli and Penny long to learn about new animals. When their magical toy car, Axle, whisks them away to a farm, they discover a remarkable alphabet collection and ABC antics ensue! As the friends get in shape with an athletic alligator, console a sad seal, converse with a high-pitched horse and more, they make their way through the entire alphabet!


“Leap Frog: Gift of Learning” wants your kids to learn everything about math and phonics. The Numberland stuff confused because I couldn’t tell if the main characters were pets or the citizens of Leap Frogia. I know that seems like a small deal, but it unnerved me. If the pets are learning the basics of human intellectual endeavors, then how long is it until we’re overrun? I worry about these things.

The animation is stodgy at best. But, you’ve got two features that take you through educational fundamentals. It’s simple and addicting to the point that it’ll stick with your kids. That way DTV material can do what building block years of public education are failing to achieve. Try to laugh to hide the tears, parents of America.

The DVD comes with sing-alongs, curriculum commentary, music videos and various fun activities. The A/V Quality is strong enough for kids. But, I wouldn’t past the discerning ones to find some transfer issues. Still, the Dolby tracks works in a basic 2.0 configuration. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to parents of young kids.



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