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Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) is an upstanding family man whose wife and daughter are brutally murdered during a home invasion. When the killers are caught, Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx), a hotshot young Philadelphia prosecutor, is assigned to the case. Over his objections, Nick is forced by his boss to offer one of the suspects a light sentence in exchange for testifying against his accomplice. Fast forward ten years. The man who got away with murder is found dead and Clyde Shelton admits his guilt. Then he issues a warning to Nick: Either fix the flawed justice system, or key players in the trial will die. Soon Shelton follows through on his threats, orchestrating from his jail cell a string of spectacularly diabolical assassinations that can be neither predicted nor prevented. Only Nick can stop the killing and finds himself in a desperate race against time facing a deadly adversary who seems always to be one step ahead.


“Law Abiding Citizen” begins when Clyde Shelton’s wife and daughter are brutally murdered. The police know who the killers are, but they can’t prove it in court. Legal eagle Nick Rice makes a deal with one of the murderers to ensure they get at least one conviction. Obviously Clyde’s a little angry about this arrangement and takes ten years to brew up a plan to get revenge on the people and the system which failed him.

The first thirty minutes raises a lot of questions, such as would you compromise your own morals and integrity to move up the career ladder? And how would you feel if the man who murdered your child only served three years in prison, after making a deal with a policeman? The movie fails to address these issues, but instead focuses on some explosive, violent scenes and a storyline which has major flaws.

The DVD is loaded with the unrated director’s cut and more featurettes about the production. Plus, you get a look at the visual effects and the legal reasoning behind the film’s plot. There’s a trailer mash-up, plus a commentary with the producers. The A/V Quality is pretty average, with a rather flat DD 5.1 track that doesn’t support the bigger action. Still, it’s a fun movie and a recommended rental.

RELEASE DATE: 02/16/10

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