Laurel and Hardy are one of the best comedy duos in film history. Unfortunately, time has diminished their connection to the mainstream. Doubt me? Grab anyone under 18 and ask them to pick Laurel and Hardy out of a line-up. If you’re lucky, one kid might recognize their visual signature from an old Looney Tunes cartoon. What Mill Creek has done is taken the easier to obtain Laurel and Hardy films and shorts. Plus, you get a ton of the individual shorts that the guys made before teaming up in 1927.

I never would have imagined that Mill Creek would be making a deep dive worthy of Kino or Criterion. But, I guess we’re starting 2019 on a new foot. Check it out if you’re a fan or if Stan and Ollie is sticking in your brain.

Laurel and Hardy: Comedy Collection is available soon from Mill Creek!

Laurel and Hardy

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