The story of two warring generals (Liu Bang and Xiang Yu) fighting for control of China at the end of the Qin Dynasty.


“The Last Supper” plays like Game of Thrones for ancient China. Liu Bang is on his deathbed as he remembers the battle that everyone wanted to watch instead of the deathbed scenes. What’s weird is that the film plays like a dying man trying to make up with the men he slaughtered. However, they can’t really fight back, as he destroyed them all. It would be like if “Game of Thrones” was told as a flashback and everyone clearly knew who died before the show started. Where is the dramatic tension?

Asian cinema loves their historical epics almost as much as the British and Americans. However, the Asians love to go insane with costume and production design while skimping on the script. I get that there is an effort to frame history in a peculiar way to allow for new insight. But, it doesn’t make for a good movie. I’m semi familiar with Chang Chen, but everyone else is a blank slate to me. I don’t know if knowing the cast would help me out with enjoying the film. That being said, everyone looks alike and very few people have roles or purpose that helps to separate them from the rest. I’ve watched a ton of similar films, and I can find the silver lining in most similar films. However, this is the equivalent of watching paint dry. It’s not terrible, it’s just that you spend so much time watching that you realize that there are better things to do.

The Blu-Ray comes with no special features. The A/V Quality is sharp enough. The 1080p transfer allows for excellent field of depth. Plus, the DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track really pops. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase.

RELEASE DATE: 10/14/2014

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