“The Last Diamond” didn’t impress me. I love Berenice Bejo, but she felt like such an afterthought in this movie. She plays the role a bit too weepy, but she’s believeable as a diamond expert that has experienced recent tragedy. When our two con men leads employ her to help with a heist, the audience gets why she’d go along with it. There’s a lot to do with class warfare and the need to examine what makes crime happen. But, that’s when the detective angle kicks in.

This film wants to achieve a lot, even for a genre heavy World Cinema picture. It’s just that in under 2 hours, we maybe get half of a resolution. Not the worst kind of movie, but definitely not the best. I just wish that the film would’ve tried to stick to one twist and not go crazy. But, I’m not making French Cinema…am I?


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The Plot Thus Far

Simon Carrerra has just been released from prison and is now on parole. His friend Albert persuades him back to his old ways with the idea of a big-time heist of a celebrated diamond in Antwerp; The “Florentine”.

The jewel’s owner, Marie Neuville, suddenly passes away and her daughter, Julia, is left in charge of the sale. Simon encounters Julia while posing as a friend of Julia’s mother. Slowly but surely, the two become closer. He manages to use their relationship to get to the diamond and the heist is a success. However, another member of the heist has a different motive and Simon has to decide if he wants to continue with the crime or help Julia recover the diamond.

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