Orson Welles plays a seaman tied into a murder plot cooked up by some rich weirdos. If you’re looking for far less cerebral Welles, I’d say that this might be your entry movie to his greater works. That’s not to say that this film isn’t awesome. It’s just that the film was cut to hell behind Welles’ back by the hacks at Columbia.

The Hall of Mirrors scene is what all of the film fans remember. However, there are way too many times spent destroying the narrative to give Hayworth far more focus. She’s a talent and a beauty, but Rita Hayworth was never a stellar actress. Watching this film again makes that speech from “Ed Wood” stand out more and more like a sore thumb.

The Blu-Ray comes with no special features. However, the 1080p transfer is a vast improvement over the first Blu-Ray that TCM distributed. The same goes for the DTS-HD 2.0 master audio track. Who would’ve thought that Mill Creek would put out the definitive version? This is a highly recommended purchase.

Release Date: 03/17/2015

[review_summary title=”Summary” summary=”Orson Welles gives Enter the Dragon a free scene.” positives=”Stunning transfer. Makes the TCM release look terrible.” negatives=”No special features.”]

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