A compendium of character-based original short stories exploring the unknown, the unexplained and the unimaginable.


“Labyrinth” opens on a young woman taking a trip to a French town. She finds a book detailing a strange Labyrinth and its ties to a 17 year old girl that hid the book roughly 800 years ago. As she digs deeper into the tome’s contents, she discovers that the book holds the lost secrets of the Holy Grail. Now, tons of shadowy figures want the book and everyone begins to work together to save it. Meanwhile, we do get a lengthy look at the past and how the book came to be hidden.

Tom Felton and John Hurt really find some meat to their roles. Carrying the weight of the past and present, both men have managed to escape their Sci-Fi/Fantasy origins and transcend into something better. The fantasy elements play small here, as most of the film turns into a Dan Brown retread. I’m not sure why the world keeps wanting to find out the lost secrets of antiquity, but he seems to catch the curiosity of a curious sub-section of people. The acting is strong enough, but I feel that a tighter focus on the plot could’ve produced something far more enjoyable. Ultimately, what it boils down to is that it’s a middlin’ TV mini-series that not a lot of people remember airing in the first place. Take that for what you will.

The DVD comes with a featurette about translating the book into a TV mini-series as the sole special feature. The A/V Quality is fairly typical for recent TV on DVD. The transfer is good enough for standard definition. Meanwhile, the Dolby 5.1 track kicks up where needed. In the end, I’d recommend a rental or stream to the curious.


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