“LA Apocalypse” is what the box art tells you. A destruction picture about the end of the West Coast haven, while a few good people try to survive. Gangs run the streets, while the city continues to collapse. I don’t recognize any of the actors, as they play through the outside scenes of “This is the End” sans any humor. I want to say that this was a SyFy Original, but some of the Brits at the site seem to think that this had a limited theatrical release overseas.

But, I don’t listen to foreigners. Sorry, guys…my xenophobia is strong. That being said, it’s quite telling that comments were disabled for the trailer on YouTube. I get not allowing the peanut gallery to play out a lesser episode of MST3K over what Starz is trying to sell. Still, that’s what happens when you back a movie that most of those kids could slap together in a stronger format with their friends on a long weekend.

The DVD comes with no special features. The A/V Quality holds up for standard definition. Still, the transfer gives off that flat shimmer that only speedy productions trying to force in CG can do. It’s not their fault, as it’s all just part of the game. In the end, it’s a rental to the morbidly curious.

Release Date: 03/24/15

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