In the outback of Australia, the coward white koala Johnny is bullied by the other animals because of his color. When Johnny meets the Tasmanian devil Hamish and his friend, the mute photographer monkey Higgens, he is invited to join a traveling circus and Johnny leaves the wilderness to be an attraction in the sideshow.


While traveling to Precipice Lake, the wagon car of Johnny, Hamish and Higgens releases from the train and they crash in the desert. They walk together to the new location and stumbles with an oasis with a billabong, and they see a pack of dingoes attacking the animals. Johnny accidentally frightens the wild dogs that return to their boss, the evil crocodile Bog in Precipice Lake and Hamish introduces Johnny bragging that he is hero The Koala Kid.

“Koala Kid” is good enough for young kids. But, it doesn’t hold up for repeat viewings. When I say things like that, it leaves me scratching my head. Should I care that much for repeat viewings for a film about a cartoon Koala? Well, I watch “Rango” a lot. But, that’s a total play on “Chinatown”, plus it’s good. So, there’s that.

The DVD comes with an adventure map and sing-along feature. The A/V Quality is pretty standard for a kid’s DVD. However, the Dolby track had almost no back channel action. It’s a small problem, but it bugs me. Oh well, what can you do?


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