When two girls in trouble knock at your door, don't answer.

Those girls hate this art!

“Knock Knock” took me so long to cover that you’re probably going to see the Blu-Ray review by this time next week. What can I say for a film that everyone seemingly hated and I watched no less than six times? I appreciate Eli Roth and his ability to mine exploitation gold in an era where film talent only pays lip service to the matter. While “The Green Inferno” limped out in favor of making it to American theaters, “Knock Knock” hits that same vein as early works from Craven, Cunningham and Hooper.

This film wants to live in that uncomfortable area where dark fantasy mixes together with slim possibility of suburban terror. Did Keanu Reeves have to sleep with those girls? Of course not. But, they were also looking for any excuse to terrorize a married man and serve as those dark corners of one’s mind. If you get the chance, I recommend checking out the original film with Colleen Camp and Sondra Locke. Max Fisher’s dad from Rushmore serves in the Reeves role. Other than that, we’ll be going into greater detail during the Blu coverage.


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