“The Knick” gave me a reason to take Cinemax seriously. Sorry, “Strike Back” and “Banshee”. You’re good Pulp shows, but you’re not enough to keep my ass glued to appointment television. Soderbergh is one of the last few auteurs and I’m disappointed that he has retired from film. However, his semi-retired TV eye is flawless. Watching a rare look at medical exploration in the year 1900 shouldn’t be this interesting.

Clive Owen and Steven Soderbergh work together to make us care about a poor NYC Metro Hospital. But, it goes beyond that. The interpersonal relationships in the Hospital, getting a sense of the rising immigrant class in NYC and watching Dr. Thackery try to hold it all together is amazing. It’s like “Downton Abbey” for the working class. Feel free to use that for a pull-quote, Cinemax.

The Blu-Ray comes with episode breakdowns of the surgical techniques used in each episode. Plus, you get audio commentaries which are insanely detailed. If that wasn’t enough, you also get a digital book about the series. Plus, the 10 scripts for Season 1 are available digitally. The A/V Quality is stunning with a flawless 1080p transfer and DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track. This release is a must-buy.

Release Date: 8/11/15

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