“Kiss Rocks Vegas” is the first concert film of the band in 11 years. Hell, it’s their first theatrical release. Well, if you can call that a theatrical release. Fathom Events puts on these one show one night events and it’s incredibly hard to review. You spend a ton of time setting up the experience and then bam it’s over. How do you provide proper coverage for something that everyone sees at the same time? Long time readers of the site will remember that we used to cover these events regularly between 2008-2011. But, it stopped for just that reason.

Still, I chose to go see this film because the opportunity was presented and I’m an unironic KISS fan. While it was a close and immediate staging at the Hard Rock in Vegas, it doesn’t match a live stadium show. The opportunities to see that are starting to slim, so this is a great chance for younger fans. Hell, it was worth the price of admission to see them do “God of Thunder”. What wasn’t as hot was the rather boring documentary that started this concert film.

So, you might be saying..why did take 36 days to write a review about the rather short concert film? Well, it didn’t seem that urgent. That’s the downside of these Fathom Events. There are very few of them that seem necessary or “in the moment” if you’re knee deep in a serious media habit. I’m not 18, I’ve seen Genre Film X in a theater before. I hate most modern music and the classic stuff pales in comparison to the recordings. Why did Kiss Rocks Vegas get my ass into a seat? Well, I’m a sucker for watching young kids go to rock shows and try to exclaim how they really get the music. Plus, it’s Gene Simmons. That guy is the Donald Trump of Rock.


  • 1 hr 42 mins
  • Not Rated
  • Fathom Event

RELEASE DATE: 5/25/2016

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