King of Thieves review: Michael Caine Elder Criminal

King of Thieves review: Michael Caine Elder Criminal 17

King of Thieves would have been a comedy in America. A couple of old crooks getting together to rob a financial hotspot over Easter? Slap Billy Crystal in there and make some jokes about eggs. Hell, I could be a studio executive at this point. In England, things get serious.

king of thieves

Michael Caine plays around with a lot of his past work. Much like the earlier release of Harry Brown, he seems to wistfully look back at his past crime drama years. When held under a close enough microscope, it feels silly to play outlaw at this age. Jim Broadbent and Tom Courtenay turn in some strong supporting turns. However, your enjoyment will depend on how you accept the concept being sold.

It’s an interesting film, but not one that I would call essential viewing.

King of Thieves is now available!

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