“King Georges” changes a great deal throughout its narrative. The documentary started as a local fan tribute to Chef Georges Perrier, but Perrier has a different idea. He’s going to take recent Top Chef winner Nicholas Elmi and teach him the methods to take over Georges’ restaurant. But, George is having trouble leaving the restaurant life. The fear of retirement could’ve been a documentary onto itself, but the film keeps shoving back into more talking head interviews.

A filmed study of the mentor/student process has rarely been done for the culinary field. There’s a reason for that, as you can’t get the relationship on film in a short amount of time. You can get a feel for it, but the director doesn’t even seem to know what to do with what’s presented. The audience is given three narratives and each storyline competes for your attention like a pack of starving dogs trying to eat your French Fries. Elmi is far too agreeable in the film to the point of barely being there. Think of Sweet Dee’s military boyfriend from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” getting life lessons from an older chef. Take that for what you will and decide if you’re going to watch it.


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The Plot Thus Far

Documentary about Philadelphia restaurateur Georges Perrier and the closing of his iconic restaurant, Le Bec-Fin.

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