Katt Williams: Katt Box Available Nov 17th

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Katt Williams has been hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as “the next Richard Pryor.” He’s won over countless fans with sold out shows across the US, unforgettable TV and movie appearances, and numerous popular comedy CDs and DVDs.  Now Katt Williams’ best material is available in the Katt Box, a 3-CD box set collection of Katt’s top three selling albums; American Hustle, It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’, and The Pimp Chronicles, in stores November 17th 2009.

“Insurgents” from The Pimp Chronicles Part 1:


“Biggest Gangstas” from American Hustle:


“Finally Got My Motorcycle” from It’s Pimpin Pimpin:


Katt Box buy link:



Warner Brothers Nashville official site:



Katt Box Track Listing:

It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’

1. Your Star Player

2. Date A President

3. Ritalin and Steroids

4. Poor Little Tink Tink

5. Laugh First

6. Have Your Team Together

7. Franchise Player

8. Scared Of Rope

9. The Vaporizer

10. Finally Got My Motorcycle


The Pimp Chronicle pt. 1

1. Katt Takes The Stage

2. Self Esteem

3. Weed

4. Insurgents

5. Haters

6. Kids

7. Drinking With White People

8. Make Up Your Own Dance

9. Hollywood

10. Michael Jackson

11. My House


American Hustle

1. Hello Chicago

2. Biggest Gangstas

3. Orange Chicken

4. Too Many Guns

5. Quiet Haters

6. Raggedy B***es

7. Work To Do

8. B****-Ns

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