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Originally created for the 1977 DOCTOR WHO episode The Invisible Enemy by Bob Baker and Dave Martin, K9 has long been an iconic television character. But now K9 stars in his own brand-new adventure series!

Blasting back into action via a space time manipulator, everyone’s favorite robot dog arrives in late 21st-century London, now scarred by alien intrusion and government rule through their cybernetic police force. With the assistance of teenagers Jorjie, Darius, drifter Starkey and Professor Gryffen, K9 becomes Earth’s front-line defence against dangers threatening from any place, and anytime,in the galaxy! They will have a lot of fun, action, adventure, and some jolts along the way, saving the earth from alien creatures, scary monsters and more than a few nasty humans!

Mixing live action characters with stunning visual-effects, K9 is a children’s sci-fi/adventure series combining comedy, action and suspense. Imagine a mash-up of X Files and Men in Black with a zany dash of Ghostbusters and then add one magnificent metallic mutt, and there you have K9!


“K-9″ is an attempt to sell Doctor Who to young kids. K9 is a cybernetic construct from the 50th Century and has the appearance of an earth dog both in shape and size. He arrives at the home of Professor Gryffen, a renowned cybernetics and temporal dynamics expert who is working on the Alien Space-Time-Manipulator which opens a portal to anywhere in space and time. K9 is following a group of rogue Aliens, Jixen Warriors who attack Gryffen and a couple of teenagers; Starkey a homeless rebel and Jorjie, a very capable intelligent young girl.

To save them K9 sacrifices himself and explodes, soon followed by his regeneration thanks to a strange alien device implanted in his mainframe. The new look K9 can now hover and fly and has more capabilities than ever before. K9 loses his long term memory and begins a quest to not only protect humanity but to discover more about his time and Space traveling past. Early episodes do not provide much encouragement. The acting is often as shaky as the accents, and you wonder why K9 couldn’t have landed in Australia instead, so we didn’t have to grimace through initially-inexperienced young actors getting to grips with new accents along with their new roles. Still, this is London many years from now, and it’s no stretch to imagine that the accents of Britain might have picked up an Antipodean twang or two in the intervening decades. Sadly, the scriptwriters have K9 acting rather out-of-character at times – though we can put this down to his scrambled memory – and at least his new ability to fly solves a fundamental mobility problem that plagued his time on ‘Doctor Who’ right from day one.

The DVD comes with a documentary and exclusive interview. The A/V Quality is strong with a supportive transfer and a Dolby 2.0 audio track. The Dolby track doesn’t get much back channel action outside of the few major action scenes. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to fans.



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