Jury Duty [Review]

Jury Duty [Review] 1

Jury Duty was my jam as a 14 year old. You had Tia Carrere from Wayne’s World and The Weasel disrupting a murder trial. Coming at the height of the O.J. Simpson murder case, this film offered America a look into the legal system. Naturally, it was a Box Office bomb. America couldn’t forgive Pauly Shore for letting a murderer go. Especially a former Buffalo Bill.

Jury Duty is better remembered for being the Box Office bomb that derailed Pauly Shore’s movie hot streak. Looking back, it’s weird to remember a time when Shore could open giant movies. But, it was a different time. People saw movies, the Internet was barely at AOL phase and Woke Culture was still 20 years away from ruining cultural comprehension.

Jury Duty

It was a simpler time when America could revel in its general malaise without having an army of blind mouths decrying them. Plus, it’s fun to see when Stanley Tucci used to have take less prestigious jobs. I enjoy the Tucc in films like Transformers and Jury Duty and less in Big Night. Come at me, nerds.

Jury Duty is available June 4th!

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