Let's make a new park. Surely, the dinosaurs won't attack people this time.

Chris Pratt teaches you how to wrangle animals.

“Jurassic World” has improved for me upon home viewing. I know what the Tumblr Crowd and Social Media are going to say. But, Ron Howard’s kid! High heels and weird plot points to set up Chris Pratt as an effective gameskeeper/functional adult! Divorcing myself from those shenanigans, I’m able to enjoy the film that I wanted to see. A bunch of morons restarting a failed amusement park and purposefully baiting prehistoric predators with a smorgasbord of moronic first class tourists.

I’ll be honest about most popcorn cinema. I’m either watching it because of a past devotion to the material or my desire to watch characters die in fascinating ways. Seeing as how I only liked the first Jurassic Park, I’d give this venture a 1.5 out of 2 on that scale. It was neat seeing B.D. Wong return as the scientist who pushes his luck once too often. I just wish we got something more than what we had with Bryce Dallas Howard.

The character was maligned and never got to develop past ME MIGHT WANT KIDS TOO, but she got the job done. If you’re looking for some long scrawl about the movie passed over, then head over to Jezebel or some site that gives a damn about your paper thin socio-political views. But, they’ll pay your concerns a bit of attention in the sequel. Mom and dad are satisfied, the kids get dinosaurs and the weird frumpy loner in the corner gets to stay quiet on the Internet that night. Let’s talk about the technical side.

The 3D effect on the disc is quite effective, but so much of the film was staged around the effect. Whether it is the shark being eaten or some of the stuff with the I. Rex attacks. What’s also amazing is that the field of depth was deployed in a way that I haven’t seen since Prometheus. So many people tend to forget that 3D is about more than the raptor swiping at the screen. It’s about creating an immersive world that invites the viewer into the fantasy.

The Blu-Ray comes with some exclusives. You get a tour of Jurassic World, an all-access pass, a tour with Chris Pratt and a ton of other featurettes. You also get deleted scenes, more featurettes and a look at the process of bringing this yarn to the big screen. The A/V Quality is stunning with a rich 1080p transfer in the peculiar 2.00.1 aspect ratio. But, the real winner is the reference quality DTS-HD 7.1 master audio track. It’s one of the best sounding discs of the year and it’s well worth your time.

RELEASE DATE: 10/20/2015

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