Junko Mizuno’s Witch Queen 8″ Resin Art figure for preorder!

Junko Mizuno's Witch Queen 8" Resin Art figure for preorder! 17

Junko Mizuno’s latest work, the Witch Queen 8″ Resin Art Figure, is a stunning representation of a powerful, independent woman who refuses to be put into a box. This piece challenges the viewer to consider whether the woman portrayed is a witch, or if she is simply a strong, outspoken woman who has been unjustly labeled as such.

Junko Mizuno's Witch Queen 8

Mizuno, a self-taught artist from Tokyo, is known for her unique visual iconography featuring powerful and often sexy women. Her work is based on Japanese pop culture from the ’70s and ’80s, with inspiration drawn from various sources including folk art, religious art, psychedelic art, pin-up art, vintage toys, and more. She is recognized worldwide for her art and has been featured in museums, stores, and galleries.

Kidrobot, in collaboration with Junko Mizuno, has created several custom art pieces and Dunny projects over the past decade. The Witch Queen 8″ Resin Art Figure is the latest addition to their collection, and it is a must-have for fans of Mizuno’s work. This striking figure features the Witch Queen with hearts in her grasp, blooming in pale green fire after being removed from their previous homes. She is crowned in flowers and horns, and her gaze is fixed on her own reality, unconcerned with the labels that others have tried to place upon her.

witch queen resin art figure junko

The Witch Queen 8″ Resin Art Figure is estimated to be shipped in Q3 2023.

Pre-orders are currently available at https://www.kidrobot.com/products/witch-queen-resin-art-figure-by-junko-mizuno?variant=40734045995105. This piece is sure to become a treasured addition to any art collection, as it challenges the viewer to consider what it means to be a powerful, independent woman in today’s society.

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