July 16th Blu: Wildland, Ash is Purest White, Mountain Rest, Dogman, Shortcut to Happiness

July 16th Blu: Wildland, Ash is Purest White, Mountain Rest, Dogman, Shortcut to Happiness 17


Wildland was filmed during two wildfire seasons. The documentary compiles rough takes on what it means to be a wildland firefighter. Most of these men aren’t even from the communities they protect, yet they keep forcing themselves into the mix over and over again. It’s pretty brutal, but you never will find yourself turning away. Truly one of the best July releases. The special features are loaded down with deleted scenes, photo gallery and a trailer.

ash is purest white wildland

Ash is Purest White

Ash is Purest White is an Eastern crime flick, but also a romance. After a lady gangster gets busted for firing a firearm to protect her mob boss, she goes to prison for 5 years. Upon her release, she wants to resume her relationship with the man. Unfortunately, feelings and time make things complicated. As the years progress, we watch two former lovers decide what makes a relationship work. Plus, there might be a UFO spotting.

There is something truly magical here that makes me wish the movie had a bigger release in America. Most crime dramas don’t delve deep into interpersonal feelings. Watching as two aging people argue about who actually really loves each other is kinda deep. Plus, I love the ending. That ending has stuck with me for two weeks now and I just don’t want to ruin it. That being said, watch the Director’s Dialogue immediately after finishing the film.

Mountain Rest

Mountain Rest is a quiet little drama about a family reuniting at a grandmother’s party. Frances Conroy plays the older lady, who wants to reconnect with her daughter and granddaughter. Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer plays the granddaughter that just wants to learn something about her extended family. It’s an interesting little drama, but honestly it’s been done 100 times before. The Blu-ray comes with interviews, deleted scenes and a trailer.


Dogman is the latest film from the guy who directed Gomorrah. The film follows a dog groomer, who slowly begins to cave in to local criminal pressures. While not as brutal as Gomorrah, Dogman plays with what it takes to make someone break. Everyone thinks they will do the right thing when under pressure. But, what about those that like doing dirt dog stuff? The DVD comes with no special features, but the film’s ending has stuck with me.

Shortcut to Happiness

Shortcut to Happiness is the retelling of The Devil and Daniel Webster that was meant to come out ages ago. I know that some of our younger readers won’t remember this micro-controversy back in the day. Yet, Alec Baldwin and Jennifer-Love Hewitt headlined this decent adaptation that struggled to even get seen by a wider audience. Now that the Yari Group has a deal with MVD, it looks like we’re finally getting to see it. The problem is that it sucks.

The Blu-ray comes with a trailer as a solo special feature. I don’t get why this film got held up for ages or why they even changed the title. Were they worried about The Devil and Daniel Webster online fanboys?

Wildland, Ash is Purest White, Mountain Rest, Dogman and Shortcut to Happiness are available now!

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