“Joshy” is a film that walks the line between bachelor party movie and serious meditation on adult males. The push to never delve into subplots feels unique for the first 40 minutes. Then, it hits a wall and never fully recovers. Somewhere between Josh’s fiancee’s parents accusing him of murdering their daughter and his friends floating away, the film feels like a mess. I like the characters and my involvement keeps me entertained.

It’s just that this film sports everything I don’t like about modern Indie cinema. No questions are answered, as we drift through limp simulations of lives that we don’t want to live. There’s a better movie here than what we got. The cast is there, the direction is there and the script almost gets there. I could see another team revisiting the same material and getting better results.


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The Plot Thus Far

After his engagement suddenly ends, Joshy and a few his friends decide to take advantage of what was supposed to be his bachelor party in Ojai, California. In their attempt to help Joshy deal with the recent turn of events, the guys turn the getaway into a raucous weekend filled with drugs, booze, debauchery, and hot tubs. Written and directed by Jeff Baena and featuring an ensemble cast of hilarious comedic talents-including Thomas Middleditch (HBO’s “Silicon Valley”), Adam Pally (TV’s “Happy Endings”), Alex Ross Perry (director of Queen of Earth), Nick Kroll (TV’s “The League”), Brett Gelman (TV’s “Married”) and Jenny Slate (Obvious Child) -Jeff Baena’s sophomore feature is a wickedly amusing portrayal of male bonding and emotional incompetence.


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