JOSH ROUSE “THE RYKODISC YEARS” is arriving on September 9th

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Josh Rouse started out on Rykodisc where he released five albums and two EPs of literate and engaging guitar pop. During his early years with the label, the singer/songwriter won a devoted audience with his sharply observed lyrics and melodic pop sensibility. A decade after his debut, Rouse picks his favorites from his Rykodisc years for a two-disc anthology that includes his best songs, rare tracks and seven unreleased demos and outtakes. On September 9, this 32-song collection will be available from Rhino at all physical and digital outlets, including for a suggested list price of $18.98 for CD and $14.99 for digital download.

THE RYKODISC YEARS distills the essence of what Rouse calls his “first stage.” The music appears from such memorable albums as his debut DressedUp Like Nebraska (1998), Home (2000), Under Cold Blue Stars (2002), 1972 (2003), and Nashville (2005), as well as Chester, Rouse’s 1999 EP collaboration with Lambchop mastermind Kurt Wagner, and the EP Bedroom Classics Vol. 1.

Years and musical styles may separate these songs, but ultimately they are linked through the warmth of Rouse’s voice, the conversational ease of his singing and his unfailing melodic gift. From the folk-rock of “Late Night Conversation” to the knowing country of “It’s The Nighttime,” from the smart pop of “Feeling No Pain” to the rhythmically sly white-boy soul of “Comeback (Light Therapy)” — each bears Rouse’s unmistakable musical fingerprint.


THE RYKODISC YEARS includes “Directions,” a song from Rouse’s second album that also appeared on the soundtrack for the Cameron Crowe film Vanilla Sky and is perhaps Rouse’s best-known song. “65” refers to the highway that runs through Nashville, which is where he and Wagner recorded Chester when the two were neighbors. The first disc ends with songs from 1972 and Nashville, a pair of dreamy and playful albums Rouse recorded with producer Brad Jones.

The second disc opens with all six songs from Bedroom Classics Vol. 1, a limited edition EP released in 2001. THE RYKODISC YEARS closes with several demos, outtakes, rarities, and never been released songs, including a demo for the 2003 single “Christmas With Jesus,” an early version of “Little Know It All” from Home called “Be On The Lookout,” an outtake from

Dressed Up Like Nebraska (“Cannot Talk”) and a rarity from the 1972 sessions (“Princess On The Porch”).


The Rykodisc Years Track Listing

Disc 1

1. “Late Night Conversation”

2. “Dressed Up Like Nebraska”

3. “Invisible”

4. “Laughter”

5. “Directions”

6. “100m Backstroke”

7. “65” (Josh Rouse + Kurt Wagner)

8. “Under Cold Blue Stars”

9. “Nothing Gives Me Pleasure”

10. “Feeling No Pain”

11. “Ugly Stories”

12. “1972”

13. “Love Vibration”

14. “Comeback (Light Therapy)”

15. “Rise”

16. “Winter In The Hamptons”

17. “It’s The Nighttime”

18. “My Love Is Gone”

19. “Streetlights”


Disc 2

1. “Miserable South”

2. “A Night In”

3. “A Song To Help You Sleep”

4. “Sad Eyes”

5. “Sunshine”

6. “Michigan”

7. “Suburban Sweetheart” (Demo)*

8. “Flair” (Demo)*

9. “Be On The Lookout” (Demo for “Little Know It All”)*

10. “Cannot Talk” (Dressed Up Like Nebraska Outtake)*

11. “Christmas With Jesus” (Demo)*

12. “Camping In Copenhagen” (Demo for “Summer Kitchen Ballad”)*

13. “Princess On The Porch” (1972 Outtake)*


*Previously unreleased

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