“Jobriath A.D.” is a weak documentary paired with an amazing album. The effort was to tie the music into recollections of the guy who was Bowie before Bowie. However, no one seems to remember the real Jobriath. There’s a lot of talk about how he was victimized as the first openly gay pop star. It’s just that there is no framing for it.

If I wanted a talking head presentation of the material, I’d go to Wikipedia. The vinyl was neat to hear more of Jobriath’s thoughts on his material. However, you could hear in his voice the sense of desperation. I wanted to hear larger than life from a guy like this. But, I guess I’m weird.

The lost recordings of what would’ve been Jobriath’s 1977 album is off, but inspiring. I hate to say it, but I wanted to hear the hits. Well, the hits for the random music fans that dig those choice cuts. It’s hard to slam the presentation, as it was intriguing. We just have a release that’s very middle of the road.


1. Introduction
2. Time Sat On My Face
3. Time Sat On My Face
4. Mr Strobe
5. Narration I Can’T Stand It
6. Dancing In Eternity
7. Gazette Intro
8. Love Spoils Everything
9. When It Comes To Love
10. Get On
11. Prelude To Heartbeat
12. Speak To Me Baby
13. Ending Part 1
14. Ending Part 2/ Dancing In Eternity (Reprise)

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