“Jimmy Zip: Reloaded” – A Fiery Tale of Artistic Expression and Friendship

Jimmy Zip Reloaded poster

“Jimmy Zip: Reloaded” is an action-packed drama that delves into the destructive and creative powers of fire, directed by cult filmmaker Robert McGinley. The film follows the story of Jimmy Zip (Brenden Fletcher), an abused runaway with pyromaniac tendencies, who teams up with a metal sculptor (Robert Gossett) with Tourettes Syndrome. Together, they take on the art world and a local crime boss (Chris Mulkey) in a gritty and compelling tale of friendship and survival.

Jimmy Zip Reloaded poster

Set against the backdrop of gutter punk culture, the film explores the underbelly of urban society, including street hustles, degrading living conditions, and ruthless violence. McGinley’s unique storytelling style weaves in the use of fire and emotional alchemy to transform pain and trauma into artistic expression, bringing light to an otherwise dark tale.

Daily Variety’s Michael Speier praised McGinley’s ability to create a bond between radically different characters, saying, “McGinley, while not always grounded in reality, manages to hone in on the friendship that sprouts among radically different people.”

The film is an updated spin on Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, but with a contemporary twist. The director’s statement explains that the motivation behind revisiting and recutting “Jimmy Zip” is inspired by the ongoing issue of homelessness and teen gutter punk culture. The film also features a new and improved ending that serves as an iconic rite of passage story.

“Jimmy Zip: Reloaded” is a BOOM! CULT film, with a length of 112 minutes. The main cast includes Brenden Fletcher, Chris Mulkey, Robert Gossett, Adrienne Frantz, and James Russo. The film will premiere on Sunday, April 16, at 6:30 p.m. at the Crescent Theater in Beverly Hills, CA. A brief Q&A with the director and a reception will follow the premiere. Street parking and $5 garage parking will be available.

You can purchase Jimmy Zip: Reloaded premiere tickets and view the film trailer on the BOOM! CULT website.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this fiery tale of artistic expression and friendship.

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