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Jean struck me odd when I first watched it last year. Then, it got caught in the never-ending backlog of the site. Now, I check back through my notes and I wonder if I was fully awake while watching the movie. Alzheimer’s ridden old people, plucky teens and magical stones guide us through this fantasy driven drama. Unfortunately, that fantasy hits a wall and we take a brief journey into teen going to the prom territory.

Honestly, I could never figure out who the movie was meant to appease. Do kids know of Lee Majors? I get the cute animal appeal, but who is demanding to seeing elderly impaired grandparents onscreen? Too many question and not enough answers could’ve derailed the film for me. Still, it was well worth viewing at least once.


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Screen sensation Lee Majors (‘’Ash vs. Evil Dead’’, ‘’The Six Million Dollar Man’’) stars alongside award-winning actress Isabella Blake-Thomas (“Once Upon a Time”) in director Shawn Welling’s inspiring wilderness adventure Jean.

Albert is a seasoned renegade with a heart of gold. With his memory beginning to fail and his wife wheelchair bound, his young granddaughter, Jean, has her hands more than full taking care of the couple. When Albert journeys into the desert, Jean must learn and grow over the course of her epic quest into the wilderness with her faithful canine. “Agnosia” is a miraculous adventure into the strength of the human spirit, and the power of love, courage, and faith.

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