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Director: Steve Stark
Writer: Kevin Smith
Cast: Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Tara Strong and Neil Gaiman
Studio: Smodcast/Phase Four Films

“Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie” is indicative of where Smith stands right now. I say this without having seen “Tusk” yet. “Tusk” could be an awesome movie that finally breaks Smith out of stoner comedies. “Super Groovy Cartoon Movie” won’t be the film that does that. If anything, it’s a call back to Smith’s heyday at the late 90s/early 00s and how nigh untouchable he was in geekdom. Well, the Magnolia fans and highbrow always hated his ass. But, this is a movie built for those that want to learn more about Bluntman and Chronic. As such, it’s made on the cheap with a ton of Smith friends to help out.

MC Chris and James Venable don’t get enough credit for work their ass off to punch up the film’s score. The one thing that works about the film is the catchy melodies and how much heavy lifting they do to lift up heavy scenes. That is until Kevin Smith stops to take everyone out of the movie, while talking about how they couldn’t get Mark Hamill to reprise his role as Cock Knocker. Who fucking cares?!? Tell a story and focus on what material you have at hand. Poor Neil Gaiman tries to make the most out of his Alfred knock-off, but it feels like he belongs to another movie. Kevin Conroy and Tara Strong show up as the voice acting royalty that they are and Strong even nails down a few smaller spots.

The animation is ugly, the jokes are dated, but Kevin Smith knows his audience. They want to see the two reasons they watch any of the View Askew movies and they get it in spades. If that’s all you care about, then you’ve been ignoring me this entire time. If you wanted more, then you need to realize that “Chasing Amy” was a long fucking time ago. Watch it, if you’re a fan. Skip it, if you’re not. I just wish that Smith’s next foray into animation wasn’t so fucking ugly.

RELEASE DATE: 05/06/2014

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