Director: Magnus Martens
Writers: Magnus Martens and Jo Nesbo
Cast: Kyrre Hellum, Mads Ousdal, Arthur Berning, Andreas Cappelen, Henrik Mestad, Lena Kristin Ellingsen, Fridtjov Såheim

“Jackpot” seems to be a Tarantino rip, but it works. Clocking in at under 90 minutes, we get an absurd criminal investigation into whether a lone survivor of a crime scene actually saw or killed everyone there. The cops are stumped and the survivor seems to be lying. Whomever are we going to believe? Probably not the guy whom a ton of cops seemingly willing to stomp into the ground. But, such is the nature of law enforcement.

I dig these kinds of movies. But, I doubt that a football betting league could lead to the kind of carnage that sets up the movie. There’s something about the translated phrase, “We found you an hour ago under a massive woman” that suggests the level of comedy happening in the film. I appreciate what we’re seeing, but at the same time…I’m not that invested. It’s a great film to chuckle at, but the nature of its North American rollout means that I’m really going to have to hustle to find it. That is until it hits home video. So, if I was the standard American viewer…why would I care?

Ultimately, your enjoyment of the movie boils down to your acceptance of quirky crime. If you can handle the oddity of dark criminal shenanigans with people out of their element, then this is your movie. But, it lacks the complexity of its American brothers in terms of breadth and scope. That’s one thing I have to give to America. We can show you the biggest douchebags working on an easy score. I’m not sure whether we should thank the advent of Film Noir or “Cops” for that. Anyways, I’m good and you’ll be too if you check out “Jackpot”.

RELEASE DATE: 06/27/2014

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