“J.D.’s Revenge” is one of those movies I watched way too much as a kid. When Tarantino released “Death Proof”, I felt like I was the only one to pick up the homage to this movie. For those that have seen both movies, pay close attention to how Stuntman Mike kills Rose McGowan in “Death Proof”. Does it seem familiar now? Well, if you can hold down the trivia, then you can dig what the film is laying down.

Playing as a Blaxploitation homage, the film tries to work as an urban culture take on the classic gangster film. Naturally, it plays with ideas of resurrection and possession, so that a modern guy can sound normal talking like a 40s gangster. Louis Gossett Jr does an amazing job playing a local preacher bilking the populace. When JD comes back to pin his death on the preacher and his brother, things get a little hairy.

Arthur Marks was one of the master directors of Blaxploitation. He takes silly concepts and simmers them down to the basics. A law student would almost love some of the aggressive stances of an undead gangster like JD. The pursuit of justice and hunt for purpose could be quite fetching. While the film ends with one of the bigger beats of a Marks movie, I can see it not working for everyone.


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  • 1.85:1 1080p transfer

RELEASE DATE: 11/14/17

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