ISM vocalist waterboarded in powerful upcoming video for “Sacred Cows”

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The controversial torture techniques of water-boarding, electrocution and more are exhibited right in front of people’s faces in the “Sacred Cows” video (to be seen in late August), where ISM front-man, Andre Mistier, LITTERALLY endures such TORTURE. While these shocking happenings caught on film might come as a surprise to some, the theme of “Sacred Cows” is to show society’s apathetic acceptance to the world around them: from Guantanamo Bay to pop-icons. 

The single, and the album on which it can be found, “Urgency” (released nationwide on 8/5) points out questions and choices we make in reaction to everything – from customs to societal norms.  Life is too short and precious to not ‘tip the sacred cow’ of ideals: challenge information, motivation, bombast, our-selves.   To challenge these things is to be truly alive.

“We in America have become so desensitized that mounting death tolls and atrocities committed in our name no longer even register to us.  I agreed to do this video because I no longer wanted to watch- I wanted to get up and feel something, and share that motivation with others.  The only reason people are shocked is because I’m from America and I chose to let it happen.” says vocalist, Andre Mistier.

While on tour on the West Coast last month, Mistier launched a blog that deals with the issues that URGENCY brings to light.  To keep up to date with his thoughts and the band’s daily experiences fans are encouraged to check out the blog here:


URGENCY is released by STM Records and in stores nationally through BDG/RED Distribution.   


Please let me know if you are interested in featuring the CD for review or giveaway on Anderson Vision.



Aug 22           The Outpost             Kent, Ohio

Aug 23           CD101 Summerfest Columbus, Ohio

Aug 27           Maxwell’s               Hoboken, New Jersey

Aug 28           The Kyber                Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Aug 29           The Saint                 Asbury Park, New Jersey

Sep 5              All Asia Café           Cambridge, Massachusetts


Amazon buy link:


Audio stream of the first single, “Sacred Cows”:

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