The Rasmussen Brothers take you from The Ward to The Inhabitants.

“The Inhabitants” proves that 2015 is the year of gothic horror. I can’t place another year in cinematic history where filmdom has embraced the haunted house and taken it to the next level. Jessica and Dan arrive at the Bed and Breakfast they bought in New England. Snooping around the building like they arrived with a talking Great Dane, the young couple discovers the dark history of their latest purchase. For a film on an indie budget, I’m seeing far better set design than you’d get from the latest found footage flop hitting theaters.

The film lives and dies by mood. As Jessica starts to turn, Dan starts to feel that he is isolated in an area where he can’t get help that easily. In a lot of ways, the film echoes “The Shining”. The Rasmussen Brothers do for the Bread and Breakfast, what Stephen King did for snowbound hotels. While the creepy New England subgenre is starting to get a little crowded, the Rasmussen Brothers use their budget to tell a far more personal story. A look at two people breaking apart, while the supernatural influence them.

There is some stuff with hidden cameras, but I won’t get into that. It’s a plot point that felt shoe-horned and threatened to ruin the tone of the film. That being said, the film caught me off guard and I welcome it in a season where I’m being bombarded by subpar films. “The Inhabitants” will be available next week and I recommend picking it up. It’s about time you watched something better than whatever Paranormal Activity crap that Paramount is limping to the barn with this year.

RELEASE DATE: 10/13/2015

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