Indivisible (2018)


Indivisible is showing me that Pure Flix is evolving. While some Internet personalities loving poking fun at the studio’s output, I’m seeing a remarkable change over the last 18 months. Sure, Christianity is still a fundamental building block of their films. However, they are leaning on bigger talents and stronger acting to create a well-rounded narrative. This time, it’s about marital strain in the face of Post Traumatic stress.

Army Chaplain Darren Turner is a fascinating figure. Having only recently read about his back story, I have to say that the film catches most of the big points. The second act plods a bit, but the good old family tragedy staple gets wheeled out for a satisfactory conclusion. If you’re a casual viewer, that will pad out your time and make you smile. However, I have a slight problem.

While the film is super realistic and makes a best faith effort to understand combat stress, the pacing is all off. Everything feels like it strolls to its point. That gives the domestic life scenes a pleasant feel, however it undercuts Chaplain Turner’s struggles to return to normal life. The film naturally pushes that Jesus can help you get past anything. However, I like that the film would step back on that crutch at times.

Pure Flix knows its audience and this film will play to them like gangbusters. However, I want to see more films like this. Christianity has its place in film, as long as it doesn’t overpower a narrative. I feel that Pure Flix might have finally found the perfect balance. Religious enough for those needing spiritual fulfillment and serious enough for the intellectually intrigued in the audience. If you don’t feel like seeing Halloween again, check this one out.

Indivisible is out now!


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