Indiepix June 2019 Releases [DVD reviews]

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Felix Austria! is about an American facing an incurable disease. After he deals with moving overseas, he tries to take over the Austro-Hungarian empire. It’s pretty crazy and doesn’t shy away from going totally crazy where needed. It’s not part of the Retro Afrika series, but the ambition is keeping in the spirit of those films. I would have killed for Indiepix to have included a commentary.

Felix Austria Indiepix

One More Shot is a movie about an ex-con using human traffickers to set a trap for a bad boxer. When a local syndicate gets involved, you start to wonder who is good in this Sollywood crime caper. What I find to be hilarious is the 3:2 filming ratio produces a weird aperture that makes it almost impossible to stage any proper fighting. Yet, they keep doing it. These films are my jam.

Lola is a South African film about a young girl’s desire to play volleyball. While she wants to do more than volleyball, it will be her ticket to college. Breaking out of the mold of the more exploitation oriented South African films of the 1980s, this represented a fun change of pace for the Zulu movies. Check it out.

The Indiepix June 2019 releases arrive on June 18th


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