An unemployed French musician meets a crazy old lady.

“In the Courtyard” proves to me that Catherine Deneuve is becoming the Samuel L. Jackson of modern French cinema. Antonine is a musician that has come to the end of his career. Now, he works as a custodian in an old building in France. While working, he meets an elderly resident in the courtyard. She believes that a crack in her living room wall means the whole building can collapse. Custodian dude likes her, but realizes that she’s losing her mind.

Deneuve keeps playing the same aging French matriarch that she’s been retooling on and off since 2000. There are laughs to be had and some sadness, as the duo bonds while she declines. If this was America, Deneuve would’ve had to have a tasteful nude scene to have a chance of getting this to break even at the box office. She’d also have to be played by Kate Upton. The Blu-Ray comes with an interview and a trailer as the special features.

RELEASE DATE: 10/6/2015

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