Your grandparents can watch this, while everyone else goes see Creed.

“I Hope You Dance” is a friendly music oriented documentary about how a single song from 15 years ago inspired so many people. Whether it’s a dance studio helping the homeless, celebrity fans or various impacted people across the country…lives have been touched. But, the material is put together in a way that feels like a Readers Digest article read aloud to a group of senior citizens. But, did anyone expect this material to play anything less than soft? I’m just glad the documentarians knew their audience so well.

I appreciate documentaries created for all audiences, but I have to respectfully bow back on this one. While it’s great Holiday material, it might be too saccharine sweet for our main audience. But, if you’ve got a weepy relative, then leave them with Granduncle Fred and go watch Mockingjay. These films are the perfect babysitters for relatives and audience members that can’t find inspirational material that plays safely for them. Check out the extended interview embedded above for some greater background.

“I HOPE YOU DANCE” premieres TONIGHT on Hallmark Channel at 9pm EST.

RELEASE DATE: 11/26/2015

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