HOWL (2015)

HOWL (2015) 17

“Howl” does for the British rail system what “The Descent” did for caves. There’s something about claustrophobia that seems to be creating new horror films. While it beats jumpscares, it makes me wonder about film grammar and constricting the frame. But, that’s the movie nerd in me. All you want to hear is that the monsters look cool.

The Blu-Ray comes with behind-the-scenes featurettes as the special features. The A/V Quality is pretty solid for a horror flick. The 1080p transfer pops, even in darker scenes. However, I found that the Dolby True-HD 5.1 track emphasized ambient noise over dialogue. That’s weird, but not terribly out of place. It’s worth a purchase to horror fans.

Release Date: 1/12/16

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