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How do you watch a Faith-based Double Feature? [review]

Footprints is a film loosely based on the famous allegorical poem. By loosely, I mean it’s a faith based film about finding support in the oddest of ways. Since it’s a dog that steps in to offer support, I can see this film finding a bit of crossover. But, why is that an easier way to broach the line between secularism and faith.

Friends for Life is where I started to piece this one together. Watching a legal eagle adopt four orphaned wolf pups, everything about this double feature made sense. It’s easier to understand faith shaped endeavors when we take humanity out of it. That sounds bizarre, but bear with me.

The wide world has a hard time relating human beings to the need for abstract moralism defining its success or failures. When you pet an animal in as a stand-in, it forces the audience to think about the connection rather than the solidifying factors. I enjoyed myself.

Footprints/Friends for Life is available now. Have Faith!

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