“The House” is funnier than most are letting on. Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell play parents that are desperate to raise money for their daughter’s college education. So, their neighbor Frank helps them create an in-house casino. Jason Mantzoukas as Frank is the guiding light of the film. But, here’s the sticking point that might be ruining the movie for wider audiences. If you’ve seen Mantzoukas play Rafi, then you’ve seen a wilder take on Frank. If you’ve seen Poehler or Ferrell’s recent work, then you’re not seeing anything new. Plus, you can probably guess at who Jeremy Renner is playing.

Oh wait, you haven’t seen a trailer? Well, think about it. If three idiots are running an illegal casino, who tends to get involved? The cops and the mafia. Double bingo on both, Zach Morris. Nick Kroll and Jeremy Renner play their roles well, but they’re literally plot devices meant to get the leads from guffaw to conclusion. It’s an enjoyable film, but light enough to the point of being offensive to the comically upstanding modern audiences.

If you’re not some neoliberal prude, then you’ll probably enjoy the film. Most people will probably see it and wonder why they couldn’t wait until Home Video. Such is life. It’s summer, people. Get out and enjoy the air conditioning of a new building.


  • R
  • 1 hr and 28 mins
  • Warner Brothers


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