Horror of Dracula (1957)

Horror of Dracula is finally seeing a Blu-ray release in America. The print used is based on the 2007 BFI restoration and not the fabled Japanese print that only exists in truncated form. That being said, I’m pleased as punch to say that this is the proper British original cut and not the double feature version that hit America in the summer of 1958. Seeing 1950s history come to life in the first color version of Dracula makes the wait worth it. You will believe that Hammer could do amazing make-up work in the 1950s.

Christopher Lee is Dracula/Saruman/Count Dooku. The fact that he nailed Dracula on the first try and continued to be the definitive version of the character for decades is staggering. Especially when you realize that the Lugosi version turned to parody less than 15 years after his initial bow. Hell, I timed the rather short film and Dracula is only onscreen for about 13 minutes. The level of restraint in these older horror films is staggering.

People might complain that it barely followed the source novel. Well, the only one that stuck to the novel was Coppola and that needed a stellar budget to stick the landing. All Dracula is good Dracula, so scare your nieces and nephews during Christmas with this one.

Horror of Dracula is available December 18th

Horror of Dracula

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