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Director: Alexandre Aja
Writer: Keith Bunin
Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Juno Temple, Max Minghella, Heather Graham
Studio: Lionsgate

“Horns” works for me far more as a film that a novel. But, I’ve yet to ever truly dig what Joe Hill has been doing. I’ve more of a fan of his dad back in the guy’s heyday. Anyways, “Horns” is a film about murder and lost love. Daniel Radcliffe works his ass off to break type as a man accused of murdering his girlfriend. Everyone in town blames him for the death until one day horns emerge from his temples. Going around town to find a way to remove them, Daniel Radcliffe learns that the horns force bad people to reveal their true thoughts.

Modern horror is such a mixed bag. We live in an era that mistakes thrillers for horror, while simultaneously going out of their way to gut any gore from horror films. Budgets are slashed and the top tier horror films are pushed to limited releases and second tier studios. Somehow, the true horror films find their way to release and this is one of two major releases dealing with the worst in humanity that arrives on Halloween. The other film we’ll tackle closer to the release, but it’s a little more reality based.

The drive displayed by Radcliffe to find his lover’s killer evokes “Brick” at several turns. But, Joseph Gordon-Levitt never turned into a stone demon that bleeds lava. I will give this to Aja, the guy has no issues showing all sorts of nudity in his films. The guy whipping his junk out caught me off guard, but good on Aja for not turning a blind eye. I love the man’s work since Haute Tension and I appreciate his horror sensibilities. Check out “Horns” when it opens up in a theater near you. More than likely, you’re going to be waiting for home video.

RELEASE DATE: 10/31/2014 (currently in limited release)


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