HORDE, THE (2012)



It is the word “horde” that had meant, for many countries and nations, bloody raids and being under humilating contribution for centuries – a strange and scary world with its own rules and customs. To be or not to be for Rus (Ruthenia), that is the price of the one-man mission as he is departing to this world to accomplish a feat. The film tells the story of how Saint Alexius, the Metropolitan of Moscow and Wonderworker of All Russia, healed the Tatar Queen Taidula, Jani-Beg’s mother, from blindness, in 1357.


“The Horde” wants to show the proper Historical scope for the rise of the Mongols and the Russian Expansion. Playing around with both cultures, we get a look at ancient history that rarely is touched upon in the Western World. One can say that it whitewashes a lot of what happened back then. Honestly, I see it for being an anti-grandiose performance. Sort of an Anti-“Mongol”.

There are so much historical sources about how Russian were killed in a most cruel ways, thousands of them, families and towns. There was almost no life at all, how you expect all this feelings in every soul – fear and anger – to be shown? And yes, it the almost beginning of Christianity in Russia, with all passion and exaggеration, but also with all self-sаcrifice, specific for the period.

The DVD comes with no special features other than the trailer. The transfer is pretty sharp, even if it’s a world cinema mix in standard definition. The Dolby 5.1 audio track is sharp enough for what’s available. Still, it works. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to foreign film fans.


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