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Hollywood’s Best & Brightest finally get what they deserve

Hollywood’s Best and Brightest is a thirty part biography series about the latest and greatest celebs. I’ve never seen these releases before, but they all seem to follow that A&E biography style. What is there to say about these kinds of shows in a Wikipedia era? Did you need to know that Jodie Foster was in The Hotel New Hampshire? How bad did you need to know that John Travolta can fly commercial aircraft? Ann-Margret used to be a hottie back in the 1960s and now she’s your grandmother’s friend that is causing you to question your good taste.

This Best & Brightest DVD release packs together 12 hours of this material into one four disc experience. Honestly, you should give it to a family friend that doesn’t use the computer. They’ll appreciate the memories of when Faye Dunaway was relevant or when Candice Bergen was on Murphy Brown the first time. For me, it works as this bizarre memory piece of a time when I actually watched this stuff. Whether it aired on A&E, Lifetime or Encore…I always made time to absorb this kind of information.

What was the end game? I ask because honestly nothing ever came from it. Nothing at all.


  • Nothing

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