The Hills Run Red (1967) – In this fine example of the spaghetti western subgenre, a man recently released from a five-year prison sentence seeks vengeance against the former friend who has violated his trust and sought his death.

Apache (1954) – Hollywood favorite Burt Lancaster stars as Massai, the last of the Apache warriors. When he is captured and taken away from his homeland, Massai makes a daring escape and makes the journey home, with his former captors in hot pursuit.


“The Hills Run Red” is one of these great plotted Westerns that the Italians limped to the barn. Henry Silva and Thomas Hunter play partners who steal a buttload of cash, but they turn on each other following the imprisonment of one partner. The imprisoned offender gets out of jail to find that his friend has taken a new name and title, while the prisoner’s family fell apart and died. If you like rip-roaring rampages of revenge then like no further. It’s just that when this movie hits its peak, it kind of farts that conclusion out to satisfy a tired audience.

“Apache” features Burt Lancaster as the last Apache roaming free after the defeat of Geronimo. Lancaster escapes from an attempt to take him to a reservation, as he wants to make his way back to his homeland. Unfortunately, a team of bounty hunters are hot on his trail. Can this last Apache find peace or will he continue to be stopped at every turn? It’s pretty dark for a late 50s Western, but it works for the basic viewer.

The DVD comes with no special features. However, you get two killer MGM Westerns on DVD. That’s something that beats waiting for a tired old entity to push it out on Digital HD. But, it seems like studios don’t remember that movies were made before 1990. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase.

RELEASE DATE: 08/26/2014

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