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“High Water” is an action-packed adventure centered around surfing’s Triple Crown competitions,the professional surfing tour’s final three competitions held each year on the North Shore of Oahu. Starting on Halloween and ending around Christmas, it attracts the sport’s best surfers to the legendary North Shore, known for its huge waves and unparalleled surf. The Triple Crown is the ultimate proving ground for world class surfers, but the events also lure amateurs, surfers young and old, and hopefuls to the North Shore; where population, tension and commerce swell during the competition. Real life drama, humor, death-defying waves, rivalries, parties, heart-break, romance, injuries, and humanity all collide during the nearly two month competition on Hawaii’s “7 Mile Miracle”.


While loquacious surfers from all over the world are interviewed, the locals are the most interesting, and each deserves more screen time than these quick conversations and glimpses at their surfing styles. Poncho Sullivan, the requisite oldest rookie on the crowded beach, tries one last time to qualify for the big time, cheered on by his wife and small children. Sunny Garcia, the grizzled veteran, looks to prove he’s still got the right stuff. Still-young Alex Florence ran away from the Jersey Shore as a teenager to compete on the North Shore and now raises three surfing sons on her own.

The main feature is more appealing to hardcore competitive surfers who closely follow the sport focusing entirely in Hawaii. On a downside, the arrogance of a lot of these people is revealing during the interviews. They are not very likeable people and you sense the bully nature of the big name surfers from Hawaii and their clans. This film also needs a lot of editing as much of it is frivolous talk.


The Blu-Ray comes with bonus footage and extended interviews. Basically, if you love the art of surfing…you can spend hours with the supplemental material. Everyone else can marvel to the near reference quality audio and visuals. The 1080p transfer and uncompressed audio make every turn come to life with a dynamic fury. I’d recommend a purchase.




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