“High-Rise” worked better as a novel in the 1970s. The concept of a High-Rise apartment complex that took care of all your needs spoke to that Societal Ill Sci-Fi that was popular. Now, it feels antiquated. Especially since it’s following film nerd favorite “Snowpiercer”. The class warfare allegories are a bit limp and one is left wondering why characters just don’t have their motivations labeled on their shirts.

That being said, the main cast is electric. Wheatley has a way of gaining the most out of character actors and everybody from Hiddleston to Moss to Evans gets the chance to shine. Jeremy Iron is workable as the main bad, but even he seems to have been doing this role for 35 years. While it’s not Brideshead Revisited, why can’t we get a bit more polish on the teething problems of the High-Rise? Oh yeah, because what was speculative fiction in the 1970s is now common place.

I talked about missing your moment on adaptations a few days ago. The sentiment still rings true. When you try to adapt something out of time, cultural changes must be acknowledged. Otherwise, you’re speaking Esperanto to an indifferent audience.


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The Plot Thus Far

Life for the residents of a tower block begins to run out of control.

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